90 Miles From Tyranny : Junior Senator Mitt Romney Congratulates Justin Amash for Endorsing Trump’s Impeachment

Monday, May 20, 2019

Junior Senator Mitt Romney Congratulates Justin Amash for Endorsing Trump’s Impeachment

Romney referred to Amash as “courageous.”

"Republican" Junior Senator and failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney congratulated Justin Amash for endorsing the impeachment of President Trump, speaking to CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday.

Curiously, Romney expressed praise for Amash’s decision to call for impeachment while declining to endorse it personally. He told Tapper that he “had reached a different conclusion” than Amash had, leaving the Michigan libertarian the only federal Republican legislator to take a stance in support of removing Trump from office.

Tapper presented Romney with a hilariously “softball-style” interview on his segment on CNN, outright worshipping the Utah Senator when he claimed that he was someone who “personally conducted himself according to a certain set of moral and ethical principles throughout his entire life.” He went on to goad Romney to critique the President from a moral high ground.

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In reality, Romney made millions of dollars by destroying countless American jobsduring his tenure at Bain Capital. He was in charge of eliminating and outsourcing jobs at American companies, sending them to China and India where executives could utilize cheap labor.

Romney doesn’t appear to be the only liberal Republican to frame his politics from a sense of personal financial interest, however. Reports have surfaced detailing Justin Amash’s business relationship with Chinese companies. Amash received more than $1 million from a Michigan family business heavily dependent on Chinese imports.

Progressives throughout the entire Democratic Party have swiftly jumped onto a bandwagon to endorse Amash’s “courageous” call for...

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  1. Why do we care about Liberals like Romney and Amash? Except...STOP ELECTING THESE CLOWNS!

  2. Romney is despicable. How could voters be so foolish? This man is an operative. Son of the Gov of MI, he himself was Gov of MA, and now Senator of UT. He positions himself "where needed".

  3. Romney the RINO has wet dreams about impeaching Trump before 2020 so Mittens can run and lose again.

    Ryan, McCain, Romney, McConnell...all DemoKKKrats by any other name.

  4. If he ran again, I'd sit on my hands

  5. Are there no mechanisms for expelling rebellious members from the Republican Party? Romney and Amash would be good candidates for that, among others.

  6. Romney is a ultra left RINO. He care nothing about the future of America.



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