90 Miles From Tyranny : When All The Worst Of The Worst People Hate You....

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

When All The Worst Of The Worst People Hate You....


  1. There is that. If he would build the wall, the only campaign promise I care about, he would get my vote. As is it is too late.

    1. the wall is actually being built, but regrettable slowly and funded thru DoD. to speed it up would require you to do your part and remove the roadblock to funding in the House of Preventatives in the Congress. Both democrat and republican. the asshats in the ninth circuit are being handed their hats with other courts being addressed. remember, it is never too late to come in from the cold rain.

    2. BS, he had the house and senate. Either he couldn't or wouldn't. And I see conservative choice judges going south as soon as placed.

  2. exactly so, indeed. the correctness of the job one does can be gauged by the number undeniably arrogant asshats that say that they hate everything you stand for and say.


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