90 Miles From Tyranny : 7 Illegals Sue the US! If They Win, It Will Have Terrible Implications

Monday, June 24, 2019

7 Illegals Sue the US! If They Win, It Will Have Terrible Implications

Seven illegal aliens are suing several Department of Homeland Security officials for the immediate release of the migrants on bond, as well as any others who are similarly situated, the Monitor reported. This will have wide-ranging and dangerous results.
The plaintiffs include:

Jairo Alexander Gonzalez Recinos, of El Salvador;
Gerardo Henrique Herrera Rivera, of El Salvador;
Kevin Eduardo Rizzo Ruano, of Guatemala;
Jonathan Fernando Beltran Rizzo, of Guatemala;
Enerly Melitza Ramos, of Guatemala;
Karen Vanessa Borjas Zuniga, of Honduras;
and Julia Elizabeth Molina Lopez, of Honduras.

The lawyers are hard-left and they demand the illegal aliens be released within 72 hours. The lawyers say their living conditions are unacceptable and they haven’t been given their free lawyers fast enough.

The bottom line is the illegal alien is responsible for nothing and we have to give them everything. It should infuriate you.

“Petitioners were apprehended in mid-May at or near the U.S. Border with Mexico and subsequently detained. Once apprehended, such persons are often detained for extended periods of time — on information and belief, up to six weeks — in overcrowded holding cells, with inadequate food, water, and sanitation facilities, where attorneys are not allowed to visit. The conditions in these holding cells are dangerous and inhumane,” the lawsuit stated.

They are concerned about “dangerous overcrowding” which is the fault of the illegal aliens, the ACLU open borders lawyers, and the treasonous Congress.

The attorneys claim that the detainees named in the suits have been confined at a Border Patrol facility in Brownsville for more than five days, where they have been subjected to...

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  1. It is getting closer to open season on them...

  2. Visiting their attorney in a dimly-lit parking lot some night might pursuade them to seek employment elsewhere. Just sayin'.


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