90 Miles From Tyranny : Oregon Governor Goes Fascist...

Monday, June 24, 2019

Oregon Governor Goes Fascist...



  1. Scott Walker did the same thing in Wisconsin and the voters loved it, turning Wi red. I can understand Republicans making a point of stopping something horrible, but if the Oregon (actually Portland) voters voted for it, they deserve to get it good and hard.

  2. The rest of the state suffers because the liberal nutjobs in Portland, Salem and Eugene want cap and trade? 16 cents a gallon extra tax on gasoline? That is just the beginning. California liberals have ruined Oregon, and they will do the same thing to your state, Mr. Bee.

  3. All fair in politics and war. Good enough for us in WI, good enough for Demonrats in Portland. Now to get our side to play utilizing the entire board would be nice, but big Corp's won't let their bought and paid for repuglicans impede immigration it could slow corp growth..


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