90 Miles From Tyranny : Dershowitz: Trump admin needs to step up against rising Left-wing violence

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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Dershowitz: Trump admin needs to step up against rising Left-wing violence

Noted constitutional law professor Alan Dershowitz said Tuesday that the Trump administration needs to step up enforcement actions against a rising tide of Left-wing violence following another incident in Portland, Ore. last weekend involving right-leaning journalist Andy Ngo.

The Quillette writer was attacked, robbed, and savagely beaten by several members of Antifa as he attempted to cover their demonstration, winding up in the hospital overnight with a brain bleed. Portland Police also confirmed that he had been struck with milkshakes containing quick-dry cement, which could have caused chemical burns.

During an interview with Dan Bongino on Fox News, Dershowitz, a Harvard professor emeritus, also noted that the so-called “mainstream media” ignored the attack because Ngo is a supporter of POTUS Donald Trump.

“When I’ve spoken at schools like Berkeley, I’ve been threatened by Antifa,” Dershowitz noted. “I really do think the government has to do something to stop extreme Left-wing threats and violence.

“To centrist, moderate, liberal speakers like me, I’m not radical enough for Antifa, so they try to prevent me from speaking,” he continued. “So that’s been a real problem on university campuses.”

But he added: “Look, we live in a federal system. And the federal system gives authority to cities to make their own mistakes and their own decisions. The president really can’t intrude on that except in...

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Stewart said...

Across Western Europe the fascists are violently crushing free speech, including murder.

Antidote said...

Or turn us loose on em.��