90 Miles From Tyranny : New Video Shows Antifa Crowbar Attack, Macing of Elderly Man

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Monday, July 1, 2019

New Video Shows Antifa Crowbar Attack, Macing of Elderly Man

Will Leftists Defend This Too?

A new video from Saturday’s rally in Portland shows Antifa criminals macing an elderly man in the face while attacking another man with a crowbar

The vicious assault was even more brutal than that sustained by Andy Ngo, who was doused with quick drying cement hidden in milkshakes.

“Portland Antifa beats an elderly man bloody with a crowbar. As another man attempts to help, he is hit in head with crowbar then sprayed in face with mace,” tweeted the woman who posted the video.

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin subsequently revealed that the two men were named Adam and John and were merely at the event to support Haley Adams, who was previously assaulted by Antifa.

“While John was being pummeled by the mob in the center, Adam was struck in the head with nunchucks, metal water bottles, some sort of metal rod, and fists,” said Malkin. “John was sprayed with mace and blinded. He was led away as blood dripped down his face, then dragged to a sidewalk. Another observer notes that one of...

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Unknown said...

Most of the damage in these videos is when patriots are in retreat. Antifa pussies. Well past the time to organise and strike back.

Cederq said...

Where are the f*cking po-lice? I am from that area and I can tell you they were pussy bullies back then.
When we finally organize and "strike" back, I say the po-lice need a good heavy dose of it too. Ya think the cops are friend and will help you? Better take a hard look at that elderly man in the picture. Every single cop and antifa pussies need to be eliminated.

William said...

I will not go to North Korea and steal posters from the wall. I will not go to Iran and yell Mohamed sucks. I will not go to deep dark Atlanta and pronounce nigg?!+s should hang. I know the reaction that these "mistakes" would garner. BAD that this (these) things happen...make no mistake. That being said I will NOT go to anyplace voluntarily that I believe that such an action IS possible. The gray man is ALWAYS the best approach of at all possible..