90 Miles From Tyranny : Mark Meadows: Never forget 'most remarkable thing' Democrats did during Mueller testimony

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Mark Meadows: Never forget 'most remarkable thing' Democrats did during Mueller testimony

Rep. Mark Meadows, a top supporter of President Trump, sounded off on Twitter about the Democrats' behavior during the Wednesday testimony of former special counsel Robert Mueller.

"They misled, misdirected and misrepresented—but never forget perhaps the most remarkable thing Democrats did during the Mueller hearing: They advocated the idea that a person is guilty unless a prosecutor exonerates them. That is NOT our standard in America. It can never be so," the House Freedom Caucus' chairman said in a tweet Friday.

Meadows, who was present for Mueller's Wednesday morning testimony with the House Judiciary Committee, seated directly behind Mueller as he answered questions, dashed to the White House before the start of the second hearing of the day.

As the House Intelligence Committee hearing was about to get underway, Meadows was seen at the White House, as was House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Early media reports suggested Mueller's halting performance was likely not what the Democrats had hoped for as a growing sect in the caucus push for an impeachment inquiry. Although Mueller said Trump was not exonerated by his investigation, the former special counsel declined to stray far from the findings in his report, which did not determine that the president's campaign conspired with the Russians nor did it find sufficient evidence for obstruction of justice.

Meadows seized on the lack of bombshell revelations from the hearing, despite Democrats hyping it up as being bad news for Trump and some members making grand statements about...

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  1. Yes INDEED! And it will never be the standard in America. Thank You, Sir


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