90 Miles From Tyranny : Why is CBP ignoring mandate to collect DNA from migrant detainees?

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Why is CBP ignoring mandate to collect DNA from migrant detainees?

According to a team of government whistleblowers who spoke with Fox News this week, the Trump administration’s ongoing DNA testing of illegal aliens isn’t nearly as comprehensive as it should be.

While it’s true the administration has been collecting basic DNA and fingerprint samples to test whether purported illegal alien families are actually families (often they’re not), the administration is supposed to also be conducting more extensive DNA tests to ensure that the illegals crossing into the U.S. aren’t listed in the FBI’s database of violent criminals.

But the whistleblowers claim this program isn’t being executed.

“There is no current pilot program. It’s basically dead in the water,” whistleblower Fred Wynn said.

Listen to him and his fellow whistleblowers below:

“We have a great tool that was mandated by and approved by Congress as a law and we’re not using it,” fellow whistleblower Mark Jones added. “We are allowing ourselves to apprehend individuals and process them and by not taking the DNA sample, we’re not giving our law enforcement — both state and federal — the additional tool to solve these outstanding crimes.”

According to the whistleblowers, an extensive DNA-test pilot program was supposed to have gone into effect as early as 2010 but was put on hold by then-Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano after she obtained a waiver from then-Attorney General Eric Holder.

Yet years later, and even with President Donald Trump, a Republican, now in the White House, the program still remains permanently stalled — and despite a vow from then-Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen back in 2018 that the program was in a “planning stage.”

In fact, Jones claims that during a 2018 Homeland Security conference call he participated in, the unnamed officials present appeared to suggest they wanted the program to fail.

“The folks in that conference call said, we’ll pick places we can make it fail,” he claimed.

Prior to this week, these were just...

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