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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The American Left's Army of Dupes

Since the 8th of November 2016, all those that voted for Donald Trump or supported his candidacy have been gratuitously identified as Nazis, Fascists or white supremacists by the hierarchy of the American Left and the verdict dutifully regurgitated on a near daily basis by oblivious rank and file leftists. Further, not only are those who voted for Trump fascists and racists, but the slogan “Make America Great Again” on a red baseball cap is the new swastika and emblematic of racial supremacy per Nazi dogma. Anyone wearing this hat, as the teen-agers of Covington Catholic High School discovered, is therefore a racist Nazi sympathizer pledging their allegiance to the new Fuhrer: Donald Trump.

Having been brainwashed by segments of the education and entertainment establishment into believing the United States is an evil nation with an equally evil past, a gullible segment of society is susceptible to the demagoguery that has succeeded in creating legions of mind-numbed robotic machines repeating ad nauseum these talking points. They not only regurgitate these talking points, but too many consider it a sacred duty to volunteer and join a new crusade, known as Antifa, to defeat, by any means necessary, the hordes of fascists currently running amok throughout the nation.

With Donald Trump in the White House, the hierarchy of the American Left can easily mobilize its army of brain-dead foot soldiers as well as much of the media and Hollywood. However, these same elites are incapable of generating an original thought or concept and instead can only spew theories and utopian promises from the failed and discredited Marxist playbook while employing the same tactics used by Adolf Hitler to permanently obliterate any opposition.

I have watched the radical evolution of the Left over the past 25 years with quite a bit of trepidation. Today, I and many others are incensed and fed up with seeing 63+ million of our neighbors and fellow countrymen, whether white, black or brown, who may be small business men or women, factory workers, farmers, union members or laborers being compared to Nazis or white supremacists.

We have been infuriated that Donald Trump, who exhibits no overt totalitarian tendencies and has been determined, in the face of brutal and unethical opposition, to fulfill his campaign promises, has been constantly, and with malice aforethought, compared to...

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