90 Miles From Tyranny : NBC Whines About the Prosecution of a Woman Who Voted Illegally

Friday, August 2, 2019

NBC Whines About the Prosecution of a Woman Who Voted Illegally

The latest installment of NBC Nightly News’s “Justice for All” series (a series about criminal justice and reform), anchor Lester Holt complained about the case of Crystal Mason, who according to the Tarrant County, Texas district attorney, “knew she wasn't eligible to vote and voted anyway.” That’s right, NBC was upset someone was prosecuted for illegally casting a ballot.

Holt was using gracious language from the start, like when he spoke about how “she saw it as a civic duty, Crystal Mason recalling the 2016 election and the vote that would change her life.”

According to the story, Mason’s mother encouraged her to go vote but when she arrived her name was not included in the voter rolls, and was instructed to fill out a provisional ballot. “But that sealed provisional ballot sealed her fate, landing her behind bars for illegal voting,” Holt stated dramatically.

It was then that Holt admitted that Mason had once “been convicted of tax fraud. She was sentenced to five years in federal prison and three years supervised release.” He would go to explain that “in Texas, felons can vote after completing their sentence, parole, and probation. But when she voted, Mason was still on...

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