90 Miles From Tyranny : Is Christopher Wray Protecting Andrew McCabe?

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Is Christopher Wray Protecting Andrew McCabe?

FBI Director Christopher Wray has tried to stay out of the public eye, and while he does not have liar and leaker James Comey’s flair for flamboyant, self-serving press conferences, and doesn’t have his fingerprints all over the Russian collusion hoax and FISAgate, he still is a D.C. swamp rat working behind the scenes to protect his deep-state cronies.

The text messages of FBI agents Peter Strzok and paramour Lisa Page have gone a long way to explain and document the attempt by President Obama’s government agencies to keep Hillary Clinton out of prison and Donald Trump out of the White House. One would think the text messages of Andrew McCabe, fired for “lack of candor,” would be a treasure trove of information detailing the coup plotters' machinations and deliberations. So why is Wray fighting to keep them out of public view and away from legal scrutiny?

McCabe, the man he worked for, Comey, and the people who worked under McCabe, such as Strzok and Page, took the fruit of foreign interference in our election that was the Steele Dossier, compiled from Russian sources, delivered through a British agent, and paid for by the DNC and Team Clinton, and used it to commit a fraud upon the FISA court to trigger the illegal surveillance of one political campaign by another with the aid of co-conspirators at the DoJ and FBI.

That McCabe himself was a key architect of this coup is found in the texts of Strozk, who speaks of the plan hatched in “Andy’s office” to stop Trump at all costs, with this end justifying any and all means:
Out of all the damning, politically charged anti-Trump text messages released, one text from Strzok to (Lisa) Page on August 15, 2016, raised the most suspicion. It referred to a conversation and a meeting that had just taken place in "Andy's" (widely believed to be Deputy FBI Dir. Andrew McCabe's) office. According to Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Strzok had texted this: "I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy's office [break]... that there's no way he gets elected. I want to believe that... But I'm afraid we can't take that risk... We have to do something about it."

As investigative journalist Sara Carter notes:
Ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes, R-CA, said his committee was stymied by the FBI when they attempted to retrieve McCabe’s communications.

“The House Intelligence Committee tried to get the McCabe texts in the last Congress, but we were stonewalled,” Nunes told SaraACarter.com on Monday. “This is the kind of issue that really needs more transparency. There’s been too much unnecessary secrecy surrounding the entire Russia investigation -- the American people deserve to know exactly what happened.”…

“The DOJ Inspector General found that Andrew McCabe ‘lacked candor, including underneath, on multiple occasions,’ and that he disclosed sensitive information about ongoing investigations to members of the press,” said Rep. Matthew Gaetz, R-Florida, on Monday. “The FBI’s own Office of Professional Responsibility recommended McCabe’s firing. It is imperative that the DOJ have access to the full universe of Andrew McCabe’s communications -- Congress and the American people deserve transparency, both to better understand McCabe’s role in the attempted ‘coup’ against President Trump, and to ensure that systemic corruption of this magnitude...

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