90 Miles From Tyranny : Superman Comic Taking On New Enemy, President Trump

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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Superman Comic Taking On New Enemy, President Trump

Comic Books are an escape from reality for many people, with superheroes and super villains and good triumphing over evil.

Now the “evil” that the creators of the Superman comic, DC Comics, are taking on is the perceived enemy of President Donald Trump.

In a new, 12-part, series of comics, Lois Lane, the longtime girlfriend of Superman, will star in “Enemy of the People.

Lane will reprise of her role of a hard hitting reporter for the Daily Planet, the newspaper she worked for in the Superman universe, The New York Post reported.

This time around, Lane is covering the White House, where she gets into a combative exchange with a White House press secretary, is ejected from the briefing room and has her press pass revoked.

Writer Greg Rucka said it was important for him to touch upon contemporary issues in journalism.

“I don’t think you can tell an honest story about Lois if you’re not reflecting the state of journalism and also hostility to journalism in the...

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Mr. Bee said...

The news is getting far more vicious as the 2020 election comes around. Right now they're producing what can only be called "Assasination bait".

edutcher said...

Too bad The Donald's bones are made of Kryptonite.