90 Miles From Tyranny : Media Prepare Massive Public Relations Campaign to Spin Spygate

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Media Prepare Massive Public Relations Campaign to Spin Spygate

On Aug. 23, it was announced that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe had just been hired to be a contributor on CNN.

While surprising to many, the development is hardly out of character for the current news industry, which already has more than a handful of former law enforcement and intelligence community officials from the Obama and Clinton eras appearing on air as contributors.

John Brennan, James Clapper, and Michael Hayden are only the biggest names currently working as television news analysts; there’s an army of lesser-known former spooks and agency apparatchiks who appear regularly to opine on current events.

What’s unusual about the McCabe hiring is that CNN intentionally overlooked why McCabe is no longer at the FBI, and instead sold an alternative version of what happened there.

In CNN’s version of how his firing went down, McCabe is a heroic law enforcement official who was just doing his important job, when he became the target of a presidential vendetta.

That’s not what happened, actually.

McCabe was fired in March 2018 by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions from his top position at the FBI at the recommendation of Department of Justice Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz. The IG’s office had demonstrated after an exhaustive investigation that McCabe had repeatedly lied about leaking information from active investigations to the news media, even going so far as to blame some of his own colleagues for the leaks he was responsible for.

Horowitz’s report on the matter was completely damning for McCabe, and you can read it for yourself, if you so desire.

So McCabe and CNN’s media hosts will attempt to spin his hiring as a noble endeavor: A man wrongly fired is being given a national news platform to defend himself and others who are also supposedly the targets of this vindictive president exacting revenge through federal agencies. This is a sham.

McCabe is being given this platform now for one reason only: It’s an attempt to control the national consensus as the Spygate scandal is soon to gain more visibility, with the coming release of...

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