90 Miles From Tyranny : MYSTERY: Before His Grisly Suicide, Top FBI Agent Was Questioned About NYPD Sister’s Double Murder-for-Hire Plot

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

MYSTERY: Before His Grisly Suicide, Top FBI Agent Was Questioned About NYPD Sister’s Double Murder-for-Hire Plot

NYPD Officer Valerie Cincinelli in a Mineola courthouse on June 12. Photo Credit: Howard Schnapp

The mysterious case and public death of FBI boss Salvatore “Sal” Cincinelli just gotten even stranger.

The FBI has said nothing publicly about the grisly public suicide death of one of the Bureau’s top financial crimes supervisors who reportedly shot and killed himself on a crowded nite-club dance floor in July.

But FBI insiders said Cincinelli was questioned by FBI about his knowledge of a murder-for-hire plot shortly before his public suicide. Cincinellu’s sister, Valerie, was arrested in May for allegedly plotting to kill her ex husband and the teenage daughter of her boyfriend.

Cincinelli’s sister is a New York City Police officer.

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Six weeks after her arrest, her FBI brother was reportedly out partying with FBI colleagues at the Container Bar, a trendy watering hole in Austin, TX. The group had been drinking and dancing, according to sources. Later in the evening Cincinelli reportedly turned the gun on himself on a crowded dance floor.

Cincinelli was 41.

Now FBI officials said the Bureau questioned Cincinelli before his death about his sister’s alleged plot. Insiders said FBI brass were following prorocols to question Cincinelli about the case against his sister. Was the FBI Cincinelli implicated in the case? Or was Cincinelli making waves at FBI because he had problems with the way the case was built against his sister?

FBI officials have not made any public comments about Cincinelli’s death. Insiders, likewise, said top management has been silent on the situation.

“It (Cincinelli’s questioning) could have been routine or could have been more,” one FBI insider said. “The timing is problematic because he killed himself so it is difficult to get the real story.”

But the FBI’s Cincinelli shared with some colleagues that he believed his sister was, in part, being “set up,” according to Bureau insiders. Apparently. Cincinelli has issues with some of the evidence collected against his sister, insiders said.

The FBI had wiretapped Valerie Cincinelli’s phones in March and the Feds also had her boyfriend wearing a wire to gather evidence against her. The case went on for months, according to federal records.

That boyfriend, John DiRubba, was the FBI’s star witness in the case, working undercover to gather evidence against Cincinelli. Justice Department officials said NYPD Officer Cincinelli, 34, asked DiRubba in February to hire a hitman to kill...

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