90 Miles From Tyranny : Why is teen climate activist off limits, but innocent Covington kids fair game?

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Why is teen climate activist off limits, but innocent Covington kids fair game?

While conservatives have some points of contention with Swedish teen Greta Thunberg’s rabid climate change activism, leftists are accusing them of outright attacking the child activist.
Attacking CHILDREN (because make no mistake, a 16 year old is a child) for any reason, especially political, is a gross look for anyone. If you can’t make your point w/o attacking a child, keep your mouth shut.

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Caring about things is whack

So is using a child with aspergers to try to propel an agenda of outrage culture

So are cons attacking children

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Right. My point. Sarcasm is not an attack. Oh wait. For liberals it is. As well as the truth.
He is blatantly making fun of a child. He holds the highest office in the US and this is how he spends his time? Making fun of children on Twitter?

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But several right-leaning pundits have noticed that there is a glaring discrepancy between how Thunberg is being treated by conservatives, and how Nick Sandmann was treated after the media picked up on edited footage of the Covington Catholic School students just standing there.

The same people who say we can’t criticize 16-year old ANTIFA climate activist Greta Von Thunburg

...Spent months shamelessly attacking the Covington Catholic High School kids—just because they supported our president


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The Covington boys did nothing more than stand on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and look what the left did to them

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Whoopie said...

If we played by the same rules as the Left, someone would've thrown a milkshake on Greta as soon as she stepped off the boat.