90 Miles From Tyranny : Bill Clinton And Jeffrey Ep... Where'd He Go??

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Bill Clinton And Jeffrey Ep... Where'd He Go??

Now you see him—now you don’t. Compare a 1934 photo of four Communist Party officials in the USSR and you’ll see Avel Enukidze, photographed next to Soviet premier Vyacheslav Molotov and others. But during Josef Stalin’s Great Purge, the onetime member of the Communist party’s highest governing body was deemed an enemy of the state and executed by firing squad. 

Then, he disappeared from Soviet photographs, too, his existence blotted out by a retouched suit on another official from the original photo.

Enukidze’s erasure was the product of a real conspiracy to change public perception in the USSR during Joseph Stalin’s dictatorship. Stalin’s commitment to censorship and photo doctoring was so strong that, at the height of the Soviet Union’s international power, he rewrote history using photo alteration. The stakes weren’t just historical: Each erasure meant a swing of Stalin’s loyalties, and most disappeared subjects also disappeared (or were killed) in real life, too.

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