90 Miles From Tyranny : LGBT Students Harassing Christians On Campus Isn’t Activism — It’s Bullying

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

LGBT Students Harassing Christians On Campus Isn’t Activism — It’s Bullying

There is no 'clash' between conservative students and LGBT students at Baylor University, as there is no conservative effort to silence or ban LGBT student activities on campus.

What is the difference between being an advocate and being a bully? In modern political activism, the line continues to blur as so many on the left refuse to separate one from the other. At Baylor University, a private Baptist college located in Waco, Texas, this distinction and lack of respect for it from liberal activists has been well demonstrated.

LGBTQ Nation reported, “Queer and conservative students are clashing at a religious Texas university.” It describes the “clashing” as, “The LGBTQ students, united under the Greek letters Gamma Alpha Upsilon (GAY), say that YAF [Young America’s Foundation] has made baseless accusations that GAY ‘is violent and [has] intentionally threatened or sabotaged their members/meetings’ by tearing down YAF event fliers and disrupting meetings.”

It’s Not a Clash When One Side Isn’t Fighting

The LGBT organization argues that while LGBT student members do, in fact, routinely tear down fliers and signs for upcoming conservative events and are known for “voicing displeasure over YAF’s conservative speakers,” the students are not acting with authorization from the organization itself. Despite the ongoing dispute over these accusations, members of the organization have so aggressively petitioned school officials to ban well-known conservative speakers such as Matt Walsh and Ben Shapiro, the school is attempting negotiation meetings in an effort to quell the controversy. An “equity officer,” charged with investigating claims of discrimination and harassment, was even involved regarding Shapiro’s upcoming November speech, although a representative of the LGBT group denied requesting officer involvement.

Prior to Walsh’s speech, LGBT students organized petitions “denouncing it that garnered thousands of signatures, as well as an attempt to have the event cancelled, claiming Walsh’s presence on campus threatened the...

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