90 Miles From Tyranny : Susan Rice: Our democracy is under assault from Trump’s White House (Video)

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Susan Rice: Our democracy is under assault from Trump’s White House (Video)

The Former Obama Administration Is Beginning To Feel The Heat, They Are Backed Into A Corner And They Are Fighting For Their Lives Now.

“For the first time that I can remember, our democracy is under assault. Our country is, in effect, under attack … and that attack is coming now from within. It’s coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And for all of the security threats I saw as national security adviser, all the challenges we faced, I never thought I’d see that,” said Susan Rice, former national security adviser to President Obama on “CBS This Morning.”

“You’re thinking this man is not predictable, he’s not stable, he’s not playing with a full deck. And if they were being smart, and never discount the Chinese ability to be smart, they’d think maybe this is an opportunity to steal second base,” Susan Rice...

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  1. Out and out lies on National television. And half the population is stupid enough to believe it. Id on't know what's worse. Corrupt politicians of ignorant citizens. I'm gonaa go work on that stump in the yard. More fun than listening to that Treasonous lying bitch!

  2. We are a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy.
    Is there a reason so many speak inaccurately?

  3. even if everything she said was factual and true, her words would still have the stench of lies and falsehoods...because her lips were moving.
    this from a ignorant twat who told us benghazi happened because some clown in california made a video someone didn't like. her lips were moving then, also.


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