90 Miles From Tyranny : Oklahoma City Police Investigating “It’s Okay to be White Fliers” as Potential Hate Crime

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Monday, November 4, 2019

Oklahoma City Police Investigating “It’s Okay to be White Fliers” as Potential Hate Crime

Police in Oklahoma City are investigating “It’s okay to be white” fliers that were posted at the Oklahoma City University School of Law as a potential hate crime.

Although authorities acknowledge that the fliers were “not believed to be a threat” and that posting them wasn’t a crime because no property was damaged, the individual responsible is under investigation anyway.

“Investigators are trying to determine his intent and whether the actions are a hate crime,” reports the Associated Press.

Law school Dean Jim Roth said the OCU is “intentional and relentless” in supporting diversity and the hatred and exclusion “will not be tolerated.”

Meanwhile in another incident, a sign that read “It’s OK to be white” was hung on a bridge over a highway in Massachusetts. A local ADL spokesman said the message “excludes people” and “targets people.”

“Being white is such an advantage in society and to suggest otherwise is just straight out racism,” said a man who tore the banner down.

As we previously highlighted, the whole thing was a product of 4chan trolls who sought to repeat their stunt of posting the fliers on Halloween to bait the media into...

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capt fast said...

Wait one...isn't intent to be established only in the mind of the beholder??? It's like saying a white superman looks racist when in reality it is only a cartoon character. So in effect the poster is now responsible for the way other people think? that's absurd.
perhaps the poster was concerned with the ability of color blind people to read black printing on a dark colored paper??? I have difficulty seeing light blue printed on a light green background in 3500K lighting; so I can understand his concerns.

Tar and Feather the Bastards said...

It's actually not "OK" to be white . . . . it's freaking AWESOME !! "white Privilege" - tell that to poor white ppl working 2 & 3 jobs to TRY & make ends meet that their main problem in life is their white privilege