90 Miles From Tyranny : When Democrats Loved America Too...

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

When Democrats Loved America Too...


  1. Danged alt righters. Antifa would punch that guy in a second.

  2. Now, understand, JFK was more conservative than president Trump, and far more conservative than other rep presidents who came after him by far, excluding Reagan, including Nixon. Though he dabbled in socialism and his father was both booted out of Britain and yanked by even FDR as ambassador over there for being an open NAZI sympathizer and supporter. Those nuts, the Kennedys, didn't fall from their tree of origin. Politicians can't be trusted. They haven't been working for their people almost ever. I am amazed Dems have become so honest. Republicans are still desperately hiding their agendas.

  3. JFK may have said that then turned around and tried to sell out America by proposing our and all nations militaries should be for no other reason than to supply troops for the United Nations. Re: The Kennedy Papers.


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