90 Miles From Tyranny : Construction Workers Drown Out Chanting Climate Demonstrators

Monday, December 9, 2019

Construction Workers Drown Out Chanting Climate Demonstrators

American workers aren’t too sympathetic to the left inserting their politics into their workplace.

A group of construction workers drowned out left-wing protestors who were creating an unnecessary ruckus in downtown Washington, D.C on Friday.

The workers activated drilling equipment and other machinery, drowning out the protestors. From the looks of it, the leftists, who were mainly going on about climate change, may have been blocking traffic, making their demonstration totally irresponsible and a burden on the general public.

Sources from the scene, reported on by Breitbart News, indicate that the raucous protestors paid no mind as to how their actions were harming commuters. One even told an incensed citizen that he hoped he was “inconvenienced” by the blockage of traffic.

One man who was blocked from going on his way by the climate stunt organizers told Breitbart News that he was on his way to a medical appointments. Attempts to block roads by progressives in deranged attempts to get attention often pose a serious threat to the livelihood and everyday needs of normal people. But it seems that progressives who have enough free time to stage elaborate stunts over supposed environmental concerns don’t care much for the plight of everyday people.

However, their public blight didn’t go unanswered. The workers’ equipment largely prevented the left-wingers from making their repetitive chants heard, securing the last laugh.

Watch a video of the spectacle here:

The leftists had to scream in order to make any of their talking points heard, but when buzz-saw was activated, it became clear that...

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  1. Another case of "climate activists" backing up a lot of cars and keeping a lot of engines running that wouldn't be running if the drivers were allowed to reach their destinations! Never mind the fact that these Einsteins probably DROVE to the protest, and are wearing and using items manufactured in places that not only don't give a rat's ass about "climate change," but would arrest and "re-educate" these people if they protested on THEIR streets!

  2. When do we get to run them down?


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