90 Miles From Tyranny : Democrats need to stop holding small-business help hostage

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Democrats need to stop holding small-business help hostage

It’s beyond tragic: The loan program to aid small businesses hit by lockdowns is almost out of cash, yet Democrats still refuse to OK new funds unless their unrelated demands are met.

If small-business closures spike, costing countless workers their jobs, Americans shouldn’t forget the Dems’ cynicism.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin offered ample warning more than a week ago that the $350 billion Paycheck Protection Program would soon run dry; now the fund may be just days from collapse.

Congress created the PPP in its rescue plan last month; the idea was to help small businesses that were ordered shut and seeing little income keep paying workers and creditors. Everyone agreed that was urgent, given these businesses’ economic importance and the threat of cascading collapses as the failure of some small companies pushes others under.

Yet as funds ran low, Democrats like Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blocked a GOP push for $250 billion to save the program. They demanded more aid at once for state and local governments, hospitals and “community-based” lenders serving minorities, women and others.

And Pelosi’s No. 2, Rep. Steny Hoyer, said Monday the House won’t reconvene until May 4, threatening to let the money run out.

The tragedy is both sides agree on the need for the $250 billion, and Republicans are even open to the Dems’ other asks but want to wait to better assess the...

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  1. The Left is using this "crisis" to get everything it's wanted since Bernie started bamboozling Millennials into thinking socialism was the way to go. Lessee; Mail-in voting; check. Universal basic income; check. Government-run healthcare; check. Millions for illegals and "refugees;" check. I could do this all day. Hell; the illustrious emperor of California is trying to use taxpayer dollars to give every illegal alien in the state $500.00! The San Diego COnverntion Center has been "transformed" into a 3/4 mile long homeless shelter. Same goes for the Palm Springs Convention Center. The San Diego Convention Center costs $40K per day... just to climate control... Never mind the rental of space... I guess this money's jest gonna fall from d'sky...

    ...The Left won't be happy until America is a wretched hybrid of every 3rd World country on Earth...

    If America doesn't wake up to the fact that it's been played for a collective fool, it's doomed...

  2. Small businesses HATE the Democrats. Everything the Donks do is a hindrance to small business, from stupid paperwork to laws seemingly made for nothing more than harassment. Small businessmen are competition for the Democrat's real masters, the multinationals and large corporations.

  3. A small business owner voting for a democrat would be better off setting their business, employees and themselves on fire.
    The DNC hate America and Liberty.


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