90 Miles From Tyranny : George Floyd Resisting Arrest For 3 Minutes. Footage the MSM won't show you.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

George Floyd Resisting Arrest For 3 Minutes. Footage the MSM won't show you.


  1. Hi Mike....,
    Just had a "Brain storm!!!,"
    When ya' got a police situation like that with a "Non-co-operative client" ..
    Just get a standard "Stretcher" ya' know like the paramedics use to transport bodies.. and "DUCT TAPE THE BITCH TO IT!!!!!'
    When ya' get him to his "new home!!" aka "JailCell" ya' can cut the tape and let him peel it off at his leasure!!

  2. This is why the glorification of George Floyd really pisses me off. We have one damn memorial service in one city after another damn memorial service in another city, all which leads to more protests and riots. And for what? All for declaring that George Floyd was a hero. A man who does time for assaulting a pregnant woman and then does what he can to resist arrest?


    “How does that make him a hero” indeed.

    1. Not just 'City's either! Conurbations around the Western World are affected by what in truth, is a very small minority! It may be 13% in the USA but, in the UK it's a mere 2.8% of the population!
      My head is aching with all this bowing & scraping to anyone with an off-white skin colour! Years ago, we used to call this a 'Con' trick!!

  3. I don't want to be seen as carrying water for George Floyd, but that video definitely does not show George Floyd "resisting arrest for three minutes." The cops act, if anything, nonchalant, as one of them frisks Floyd and no doubt checks his pockets for contraband. While Floyd balks at being forced to get in the car. the cops don't appear to be particularly pressed/stressed in forcing him to do so. The video appears to show just "another day at work" for these cops.

    What is missing is video that shows why the cops pulled Floyd out of the car and placed him on the ground. He must have been doing something to cause this. Otherwise, there seems to have been no reason not to get him straight to lockup.


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