90 Miles From Tyranny : BLM Marxists Create Chaos, Attack Police In DeBlasio's New York City

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Friday, July 17, 2020

BLM Marxists Create Chaos, Attack Police In DeBlasio's New York City

YouTube Banned it.  Watch It On My Bitchute Channel:

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Survivormann99 said...

Why is it that when I see "BLM" my first reaction is to think that it is a medical acronym for a bowel movement?

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Anonymous said...

this brawl is only made possible by the officers not using all their resources in this situation. an M-16 with a bayonet affixed to it would have a very calming influence on a group of professional rioters. they would at least shove the armatures to the front line. there's twenty six thousand cops in NYC. they know their jobs. and they know they are not enough to do the jobs when the politicians prevent them from using the necessary level of force to win every fight they are legally required to win. have you ever in your short life ever seen a bunch of rioters stand up to a line of guardsmen with bayonets fixed on their weapons doing the stomp and drag down the street? not me.