90 Miles From Tyranny : Fighting The Good Fight Against Communism...

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Fighting The Good Fight Against Communism...

Hope This Democrat Has Been Red Pilled...


  1. Uhm, you can't redpill a foreign female or democrat. That is why they were constitutionally prohibited from voting or civil warred against.

    What was the question again? Anyway, unless you revert back to the constitution, there is only one direction left. And I don't see the constitution as any proposed position by any major or minor party. So get used to it or be prepared to fight for it.

  2. Lacks credibility from someone who still aligns herself with Democrats.

  3. I doubt it. This sounds like my wife and her parents-also refugees from the Vietnam War. Unfortunately, ALL of her siblings were well indoctrinated in public schools and are card carrying communists who can never see the facts even when hit in the face with them.


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