90 Miles From Tyranny : PROOF! Biden Wore A Wire During The Debate:

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

PROOF! Biden Wore A Wire During The Debate:

Report: Biden Reneges, Now Won't Submit to Search for Earpiece Before Debate


  1. ...Notice how he NEVER turned to one side or the other, instead STARING at the cameras... 'Didn't want anyone to see what was in his ears...

    1. I noticed he put his finger in his right ear using the index finger probably pushing in the ear piece right at the beginning, then later put his hand under his jacket on the right adjusting something and my suspicions were proven right. Joe Biden has dementia my thoughts only.

  2. Pssst! 'Stole' this stuff, gave you credit. Thank you. BTW I don't know how to reach you now that I am Twitter Suspended (3 months now and I still don't know why) but I have some nice photos stashed away for you. How can I ship them over to your place?



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