90 Miles From Tyranny : Orwellian AP Style Book bans term ‘riot’ for BLM chaos

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Orwellian AP Style Book bans term ‘riot’ for BLM chaos

Apparently The AP Believes In Hiding The Communist Revolution UNTIL It Is Impossible To Hide The Communist Revolution.

The word "riot" must be avoided because it is "stigmatizing" groups protesting "for racial justice" according to the English language Bible, the Associated Press Style Book.

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  1. When you base your politics on a dystopian fiction writer, you either end up against a wall... or... you end up against a wall. It's coming. Even if their side wins, the first blush is always liquidated for being too timid, tepid, weak. It will go through many. It, really, in the end, is about destroying itself... the revolution... most of them. So... yeah. If they lose? I think it's that time.


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