90 Miles From Tyranny : LA BLM Painted 'Kill Cops' And 'No More White Babies' In Response To The Death Of Daunte Wright

Monday, April 19, 2021

LA BLM Painted 'Kill Cops' And 'No More White Babies' In Response To The Death Of Daunte Wright

Black Lives Matter marched in Los Angeles after the shooting death of Daunte Wright by 26-year Minnesota Police veteran Kimberly Potter. Officer Potter’s account, backed up by her bodycam footage, showed that Wright started resisting arrest while attempting to subdue him. Officer Potter shot him, claiming that she mistook her gun for her taser.

According to reports by the NY Post, Officer Potter is heard on her body camera yelling, “Taser! Taser! as others struggled with Wright in his car.” The video then showed Wright jumping behind the wheel of his car while Officer Potter is heard yelling, “Holy s**t, I just shot him!”

Because it was a black man that a police officer shot, the narrative is that she is just another racist cop being a part of the “hunt all black men down” portion of cops. The riots came into Minneapolis and destroyed already struggling businesses and neighborhoods. Antifa incinerated police buildings.

But the riots didn’t stay in Minnesota as Black Lives Matter and Antifa organized marches that turned into city-destroying riots all over the country.

One such riot happened in Los Angeles, reports freelance reporter and Antifa expert Andy Ngo. BLM marchers took to the streets of Los Angeles, and among the destruction, it was noted they spray-painted ‘Kill cops’ and ‘No more white babies’ on the side of businesses and residents.

Take out white and insert instead, black, brown, or any other color and the folks at CNN would run the picture around to the clock. Scratch that, it would make international headlines if a group of...

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  1. Castro and Che' didn't like negros ,as a matter of fact , they killed them. This is how stupid blacks are.

  2. Change the narrative to "Hunt down all blacks who loot, pillage, rape, and murder in the name of justice", and destroy them in a very public manner (guillotine works for me)....of course it goes without saying that all who commit these atrocities are guilty of crimes against humanity, but I'll venture that most, outside of military actions, will be found to be black or brown....Mr. King, your words were hardly heard, far less heeded....development of character is not high on the agenda of BLM....

  3. BLM tried to intimidate the good folks here in Shelton Washington and were greeted with armed law abiding citizens. They were told to politely leave or face some serious consequences.... They left ( headed back to Seattle) and were followed out and reminded don't come back.


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