90 Miles From Tyranny : Why ANTIFA is nothing more than a terrorist organization

Friday, April 23, 2021

Why ANTIFA is nothing more than a terrorist organization

What is ANTIFA? For some, it is just a movement that protests against racial hatred and fascist, for other ANTIFA is nothing more but fascists themselves. The name of ANTIFA expresses hostility to fascists. Members of the movement declare that they are fighting against neo-nazis, neo-fascists, and supporters of white supremacy. In other words, this is an organization that by definition is fighting against what is called the radical right in the mainstream media today so they call everyone fascists who are against globalism and the destruction of nation-states. As a norm, ANTIFA calls everyone fascists as all those who oppose globalism and the destruction of nation-states.

Moreover, one of many left-wing movements, ANTIFA members often condemn capitalism and political scholars see it as an organization of the far (radical) left. Although ANTIFA members do not fall into one category, they say that many of them live on the fringes of society: undocumented immigrants, transsexuals, low-paid workers. Social exclusion is becoming a great breeding ground for criminal organizations whose truths are being eroded not by debate but by physical force and violent riots.

Since 2016 when Donald Trump became President of the United States and the so-called “political revolution” by Nigel Farage has subsided in the Western world the ranks of ANTIFA members have begun to grow like yeast.

The “instruction” on establishing a local ANTIFA organization states that it is necessary to monitor the activities of white nationalists, right-wing politicians, and fascists once the group is established. The organization of fascists groups in a particular region is expected to be documented with the help of this group. This means gathering information about who is doing what and knowing the specifics of the various active groups and key players. Once the information has been approved, the ANTIFA teams shall periodically publish that information in a publicly accessible format. However, the illegal collection of personal data is just a flower compared to other crimes of this organization.

ANTIFA and crimes

ANTIFA’s methods of operation are often characterized by violence and surprising support from the left. Various examples can be given to illustrate the methods of this organization. For example in Germany, state culture funds ANTIFA which terrorizes opposition politicians by damaging the facades of their homes, attacking and fatally injuring politicians who are unfavorable or contrary to their ideology, sending threats, and, of course destroying not only politician’s but also public property. In 2018 conservative FoxNews journalist Tucker Carlson said his house was attacked by ANTIFA members who kicked in his door and chanted “anti-fascist” chants. It is more reminiscent of a political deal with a journalist than a simple statement of the opposite opinion. Besides Tucker Carlson personally illustrated who so-called fascists are. ANTIFA crimes also affect not just Western World. In 2011 ANTIFA members were found guilty of beating Tadas Kavolis in Lithuania, a doctoral student at the Vytautas Magnus University. The organization’s activities in Lithuania continue and it continues to spread the mood of coping with dissidents on the Internet. Can we tolerate an organization that physically deals with people who have a different opinion? ANTIFA also operates in the Lithuanian online space. This is evidenced by the ANTIFA Lithuania Facebook page for their organization where we can find many links with similar views, purposefully emphasizing the topicalities of the radical left movements. Even while writing this article ANTIFA is already organizing an initiative that reflects events and provocations of the current US riots which previously forced Donald Trump to name ANTIFA as a terrorist organization.

Is Soros funding ANTIFA?

Today we can find countless sources of information that point to the role of George Soros in supporting various foundations abroad and in Lithuania. Many of these sources note that George Soros funds the ANTIFA movement. Other movements he supports that threaten national security include Black Lives Matter or the Best for Britain movement which denies the will of 17.4 million British people to leave the EU and which is campaigning for a new referendum that would undermine the results of a democratic referendum. The movements exclusively supported by Soros are completely incompatible with the ideas of democracy or even more so with public security, although George Soros himself is everywhere trying to disguise himself as a defender of democracy.

Why classifying ANTIFA as a terrorist organization is important?

Previous US President Donald Trump was right that ANTIFA had contributed to the riots on the pretext of George Floyd’s death, which are already taking place in more than thirty U.S. cities. U.S. law states that there are those in local terrorist organizations which seek to “force or intimidate government policies” and “seek to intimidate the population”. Judging from only a few of the crimes previously mentioned that were committed by ANTIFA, we see that this organization is completely incompatible with freedom of expression and democracy and that the activities it organizes fit into the definition of a terrorist organization. In today’s society, the “sensitive and vulnerable” small card is popular in its way even tactically conducive to use, the public press has been created and thus attempts are made within the boundaries of centralized government. In line with this strategy to justify its actions ANTIFA has been organizing protests around the world for years, involving civil and state property, violence against civilians, brutal criminal activity, and...

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