90 Miles From Tyranny : Biden’s Support Of Critical Race Theory Tells You All You Need To Know About His Version Of ‘Unity’

Monday, May 3, 2021

Biden’s Support Of Critical Race Theory Tells You All You Need To Know About His Version Of ‘Unity’

Pretender Joe Biden continues to be branded as the unity figure — but his support of critical race theory completely debunks this narrative.

It cannot be harped on enough. Critical race theory, a left-wing movement proclaiming the idea that the United States is systemically racist, is rifling through the American education system. Children are held hostage by handsomely paid administrators, teachers are forced to attend racially extremist trainings hosted by for-profit groups, and parents are left in the dark to contact media outlets and assume the role of a whistleblower.

As president, Donald Trump signed an executive order in November 2020 to launch a 1776 Commission comprised of 18 individuals — an initiative he should have taken on far earlier in his term.

“Despite the virtues and accomplishments of this Nation, many students are now taught in school to hate their own country, and to believe that the men and women who built it were not heroes, but rather villains,” the White House wrote of the commission. “This radicalized view of American history lacks perspective, obscures virtues, twists motives, ignores or distorts facts, and magnifies flaws, resulting in the truth being concealed and history disfigured.”

But, as was foreseeable given the Democratic Party’s increasing push for the lie of institutional racism, President Joe Biden canceled the commission on day 1. In its place, Biden’s order claims, “Our country faces converging economic, health, and climate crises that have exposed and exacerbated inequities, while a historic movement for justice has highlighted the unbearable human costs of systemic racism …It is therefore the policy of my Administration that the Federal Government should pursue a comprehensive approach to advancing equity for all, including people of color and others who have been historically underserved, marginalized, and adversely affected by persistent poverty and inequality.”

This word salad, an obfuscating juxtaposition of concepts such as equity and equality that denote separate things, was a predictable step for the Biden administration to take. The order declares that equality of opportunity is moot due to systemic racism — a claim that requires unpresentable evidence America’s institutions are entirely discriminatory — but then says the way to address this systemic imbalance is to abandon equality in favor of equity (redistributed equality of outcome).

If Democrats wish to convince Americans the United States remains institutionally racist like during Jim Crow, it only makes sense they would move to be as vague as possible while pushing buzzwords to evoke emotion. It is precisely what...

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