90 Miles From Tyranny : Tucker Carlson Calls CIA The ‘Cisgender Intersectional Agency’

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Tucker Carlson Calls CIA The ‘Cisgender Intersectional Agency’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson ridiculed the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as the “Cisgender Intersectional Agency” on Tuesday after the agency’s newest recruitment ad went viral.

“The CIA is the most heavily armed and supposedly the most sophisticated intelligence gathering operation on the planet,” Carlson, co-founder of the Daily Caller, said during his show. “And yet, somehow, they produced this and then put it on social media.”

“I am a woman of color. I am a mom,” the advertisement begins. “I am a cisgender millennial who has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. I am intersectional, but my existence is not a box-checking exercise,” a woman in the advertisement says. (RELATED: ‘I Am A Cisgender Millennial’: CIA Recruitment Video Draws Big Rebukes For Being ‘Woke’)

The video was part of a “Humans of CIA” recruitment initiative meant to attract more diverse applicants, according to Business Insider.

As for diversity hires in the intelligence community (IC) workforce, there was a slight increase in the number of minority professionals — from 26.2% to 26.5% in 2019, according to an annual demographics report compiled by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

The minority group with the largest representation in the IC were...

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  1. The inmates are truly running the asylum...

    We are on our own, folks.

  2. Off topic but,
    You remember posting about the WEF simulating a world wide disrupting cyber attack? [4-21]

    Well, here it comes...


  3. No idea what cisgender or intersectional means and I don't care enough to find out.


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