90 Miles From Tyranny : Race-Crazed Disney Backs Down

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Race-Crazed Disney Backs Down

Resisting woke corporations works.

A humiliated Walt Disney Corporation scrubbed its bizarre critical race theory-based employee indoctrination materials from the Internet after a think tank scholar exposed them.

Christopher F. Rufo, a senior fellow and director of an initiative on critical race theory at the Manhattan Institute, celebrated Disney’s conspicuous retreat from the Left’s rarefied anti-white anti-Americanism, the New York Post reported May 13. Rufo defines critical race theory as “racialized Marxism.”

Disney “has removed its entire antiracism program from the company’s internal portal,” he said, “effectively scrubbing it out of existence.”

“This is a major victory in the war against ‘woke capital,'” he said, noting a “significant backlash from the public” after his initial report.

“Disney was peddling the most toxic elements of critical race theory — and my reporting led to immediate changes within the company,” Rufo said.

The environment at Disney has become increasingly politicized in recent months, Rufo reported employees telling him. The account appeared in a City Journal article he penned, titled, “The Wokest Place on Earth.”

There are “almost daily memos, suggested readings, panels, and seminars that [are] all centered around antiracism,” one said. Disney is “completely ideologically one-sided” and discourages conservative and Christian employees from expressing their views.

“I attended several [training sessions] at the beginning just to see what the temperature of the discussion would be and to gauge if I would be able to bring up my own objections in a safe way—safe meaning for my career. And I’ve continually gotten the unspoken answer: ‘no,’” an employee told Rufo.

“It’s been very stifling to feel like everyone keeps talking about having open dialogue and compassionate conversations, but when it comes down to it, I know if I said one thing that was truthful, based on data, or even just based on my own personal experience, it would actually be rather unwelcomed.”

“Despite these internal warnings, there is no sign that Disney is slowing down its efforts to achieve ideological purity,” he wrote.

“The company recently fired actress Gina Carano for expressing a conservative point of view. Content managers have modified and added ‘content advisories’ to...

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  1. Taking it down from their portal does mean they are getting rid of iy, just moving it out of public eye

  2. "The more things change...."

  3. Who placed this material on Disney's portal?
    Have they been punished?
    Has their supervisor been punished?

    Hollow victory.

  4. Nothing has changed, just the PR department's approach!


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