90 Miles From Tyranny : Tables turn as American Airlines, Coke, Nike, others are blasted in ad for choosing politics over customers

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Tables turn as American Airlines, Coke, Nike, others are blasted in ad for choosing politics over customers

A new ad campaign launched on Tuesday by an educational nonprofit organization is taking aim at so-called “woke” corporations that are pushing left-wing political narratives.

The campaign by Consumers’ Research, a group that provides data and information to consumers, targets a number of companies including Coca-Cola, American Airlines, and Nike, claiming they have put political leaders and cultural figures ahead of their customers.

“America Airlines shrunk legroom for passengers and laid off thousands of employees during the COVID pandemic while receiving billions in taxpayer bailouts,” said Consumers’ Research Executive Director Will Hild in a statement as the campaign kicked off. “Coca-Cola and Nike have both been exploiting foreign, potentially forced, labor in China while American workers suffer.”

“It is time these corporate giants were called to task,” he added. “We are giving consumers a voice. These companies should be putting their energy and focus on serving their customers, not woke politicians.”

(Video: Consumers’ Research)

In recent months, all three companies, which are collectively worth billions of dollars, have sided against Republican-led legislative initiatives in a number of states, especially measures GOP lawmakers said are aimed at improving ballot integrity and voters’ confidence in elections after a chaotic post-2020 cycle which saw dozens of legal challenges filed against results in battleground states.

Specifically, these companies and others have pushed back on voter integrity legislation that has passed in Republican-led Georgia and Texas, while many other states are considering similar measures.

“We respect everyone’s right to raise their concerns and express their views, but we also believe the best way to make progress now is for us all to come together to listen, respectfully share concerns and collaborate on a path forward,” Coca-Cola told Fox Business Network in a statement. “We remain open to productive conversations with groups who may have differing views.”

The statement also hit back on Consumers’ Research for highlighting how sugary drinks have contributed to an epidemic of obesity in the country, saying Coke has...

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