90 Miles From Tyranny : Grand theft: More say Biden taking credit for Trump achievements

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Grand theft: More say Biden taking credit for Trump achievements

When it comes to giving credit to former President Donald Trump on issues ranging from the coronavirus vaccine to the improving economy, President Joe Biden and his team have gone radio silent.

But a new survey of likely voters shows that they haven’t.

In fact, in the latest Zogby Poll provided to Secrets, likely voters, by a 49%-37% margin, believe Biden is taking credit for Trump’s achievements.

Zogby Analytics pollster Jonathan Zogby said, “Almost half (49%) of surveyed voters believe President Biden is taking credit for some of Trump's accomplishments, mainly, vaccine rollout/distribution and the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, while 37% of voters thought Biden accomplished the vaccine rollout and withdrawal of American troops all on his own; 14% were not sure.”

The new survey suggested that voters are not giving much credit to Biden officials who have claimed that Trump did little on those key issues and that the Democrat had to start from scratch.

But they do like the direction of the nation under Biden, 51%-43%, and maybe that's because he does take credit for policies borrowed from Trump.

Said Zogby, "During Biden's first six months in office he has been overseeing a mediocre vaccine rollout, and he also called for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. Depending on who you ask, one has to wonder if Biden's taking some of the credit away from former President Trump for these particular feats. To Trump's credit he established Operation Warp Speed, passed the first stimulus bill, and was also first to publicly call for the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, for which he was met with opposition from both sides of the aisle and the military establishment."

The Zogby Poll is notable for how it breaks down voters. Groups considered on the conservative side said Biden was taking too much credit, while those on the liberal side said Biden deserves all the credit.

Said the analysis:

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