90 Miles From Tyranny : Mailchimp Suspends The Babylon Bee for 'Harmful Information'

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Mailchimp Suspends The Babylon Bee for 'Harmful Information'

On Thursday, the online integrated marketing company Mailchimp suspended The Babylon Bee’s account, claiming that the system detected “harmful information” in the Bee’s emails. After Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon shared the news on Twitter, Mailchimp apologized. It was too late, however.

“I’d email everyone to let them know [Mailchimp] just suspended our account but Mailchimp just suspended our account,” Dillon announced on Twitter. Like many other companies, The Babylon Bee uses Mailchimp to send out emails to its broad email list. Without Mailchimp, the Bee could not tell its subscribers that Mailchimp had suspended the satire site.

Shortly after Dillon shared the news on Twitter, Mailchimp responded, saying that the company had reinstated the account.

“Hey Seth. We got this in front of our Compliance team and they’ve reinstated the account. Our team followed up in an email with more details. We apologize for the inconvenience,” Mailchimp tweeted.

Dillon thanked the company for reinstating the Bee’s account, but he announced that The Babylon Bee will no longer require the services of Mailchimp.

“Thank you, but we’re moving to an email service provider that doesn’t make these ‘mistakes.’ We’d also prefer to be on a platform that doesn’t censor conservatives for...

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JG said...

I will not use Mailchimp either or any other service that blocks users.

OLDFART said...

I was just about to trial run mailchimpfor my organization but will seek other service.

SL said...

Proton Mail