90 Miles From Tyranny : General Mark Milley Is A Failure. He Should Resign Immediately.

Monday, August 16, 2021

General Mark Milley Is A Failure. He Should Resign Immediately.



Donald Trump slams woke General Milley for coup imaginings


  1. Whether or not he’s a failure depends on what you want him to succeed at. For the Zhou Bai-den administration, Milley is damn good at his job.

    1. Totally agree. When I was in the Navy even 25 years ago I could tell that social engineering and political correctness were as important, if not more important, to the "leadership" than any actual Naval mission. Scumbags! I wasn't planning on staying in from the get go, but things like that sure didn't help. I could see that, among other things, gaining rank meant subordinating yourself to a lot more of that crap.

  2. Every terminal Lance Corporal knew that the Afghan Army couldn't do shit. They are intellectual morons that are loyal to whoever pays them the most.

  3. Thats, "thoroughly modern milley to you bucks".

  4. If he said that under oath to a senate or congressional committee he lied to congress. But since he is Woke POS nothing will happen Some should fragged his ass or had an accidental discharge and gotten rid of that waste of oxygen.

  5. Merely resigning is not sufficient. He should instead commit seppuku!!!


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