90 Miles From Tyranny : NYC hatchet attack suspect under evaluation after arrest, authorities say

Thursday, August 19, 2021

NYC hatchet attack suspect under evaluation after arrest, authorities say

A suspect in New York City was undergoing a psychiatric evaluation after being arrested Wednesday in connection with a brutal hatchet attack against a man at a Chase Bank ATM on Sunday evening, authorities said.

Aaron Garcia, 37, was being sought Tuesday in connection with the hatchet attack when he was then accused of threatening another victim with a hammer – and using the tool to smash the windows of several parked cars and a restaurant, police said.

Police took Garcia into custody Tuesday night and transported him to Bellevue Medical Center, authorities said.

Police in Yonkers, north of New York City, said Garcia had four active bench warrants and one active arrest warrant on charges including criminal contempt, harassment, aggravated harassment, and stalking, WNBC-TV of New York City reported.

The charges appeared to be domestic in nature and stemmed from several arrests in 2020 and earlier this year, according to the station.

Watch Video Of Attack:

On Sunday the suspect, wearing a black surgical mask, was captured on video walking into the Chase Bank in Lower Manhattan around 5:30 p.m., holding a hatchet in his right hand – when suddenly he lunged at the victim, Miguel Solorzano, 50, and sliced one of his legs from behind.

A struggle ensued as Solorzano attempted to protect himself with a backpack before Garcia appeared to land several blows with the hatchet, drawing blood. With the victim out of frame in the video, Garcia was later seen...

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  1. Under evaluation?? Fuck that. Send this mofo straight to the nearest rubber room for about 30 years.


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