90 Miles From Tyranny : Judge Blocks ‘Jogger’ Armaud Arbery’s History of Attempting Robberies From Being Presented as Evidence in Murder Trial

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Judge Blocks ‘Jogger’ Armaud Arbery’s History of Attempting Robberies From Being Presented as Evidence in Murder Trial

A Georgia circuit court judge has determined that Armaud Arbery’s history of posing as a jogger in order to commit robberies will not be allowed to be presented at his murder trial.

Judge Timothy Walmsley said that the “just a jogger” libel created by the fake news media and Black Lives Matter hoaxsters must be protected because presentation of the facts might “lead the jury to believe that although Arbery did not apparently commit any felony that day, he may pose future dangerousness in that he would eventually commit more alleged crimes, and therefore, the Defendants’ actions were somehow justified.”

“The character of victim is neither relevant nor admissible in murder trial,” the judge declared in his ruling Monday.

Big League Politics has reported on how Arbery was known around the community as “the jogger” because he would pose as a jogger and then attempt robberies, which he was caught in the act of perpetrating on at least several occasions:

“25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery became a national icon after being shot dead in Georgia after trying to wrestle a firearm away from concerned citizens last year…

As usual, the Black Lives Matter mob lionized Arbery despite understanding zero facts of the case. The truth of the matter indicates exactly how divorced from reality their narrative has become.

Court documents in the murder trial of Travis and Greg McMichael indicate that Arbery was known as the “jogger” because he regularly acted like he was on a run as he committed robberies through town…

“In 2019 and 2020, local convenience store witness interviews reveal Mr. Arbery became known as “the jogger” for his repeated conduct and behavior of running up, stretching in front in, and then entering several convenience stores where he would grab items and run out before he could be caught,” the court documents read.

There is apparently video evidence of Arbery engaging in...

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  1. This is Brunswick GA. A few years back a city councilman's death was ruled a suicide. His hands were zip tied behind his back and he had 2 9mm shots to the back of the head. He was found in the water off of a short dock. The DA is as corrupt as they come.

  2. IN GEORGIA. judge willow pussy chose to .. ... .. . .... in one of the most reddest neck states. Some people are just brilliant. At least the arbery gene pool was ended.


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