90 Miles From Tyranny : Our Money Is Becoming Worthless....

Friday, September 24, 2021

Our Money Is Becoming Worthless....

Creating Money Out Of Thin Air Makes Everything More Expensive And Reduces The Value Of Your Savings And Investments....

Peter Schiff and Tucker Carlson: The Financial Crisis Will Be Worse Than the Pandemic



  1. For all you left-tards,
    Some basic supply and demand that your communist heathen teacher didnt teach you;
    In an economy of 10 apples and 10 $1 bills, each apple is worth $1.
    Eat 5 apples and each apple is now worth $2, you still have $10 dumbass.
    Woketards would say 'apples are racist", '$1 Bills are a symbol of White Supremecy and perpetuate the whatever' not caring that Hispanic slaves picked thier dam apples and that the chicom slaves that made litterally everything they 'own' will have thier organs harvested when they cant or wont work anymore.
    Now eat the other 5 apples then use the $10 for toilet paper because eating 10 apples will give you the splatters.
    Now you will starve because in Socialism no one works because why should they?

    1. Now that's funny ............................. and accurate


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