90 Miles From Tyranny : Yet Another Race Hoax: Black man arrested for ‘N-word’ graffiti, swastikas at Emory University

Friday, September 24, 2021

Yet Another Race Hoax: Black man arrested for ‘N-word’ graffiti, swastikas at Emory University

The Georgia university repeatedly avoided questions about Roy Lee Gordon’s race

Emory University’s Police Department on Wednesday arrested the man accused of writing racial slurs and swastikas at its autism center in early August.

Roy Lee Gordon Jr. (right) is charged with second-degree burglary, Emory officials said in a news release that indicated Gordon is also the same person who allegedly wrote the “N-word” and drew swastikas at the Emory Autism Center last month. He is a former employee of the university.

A police mugshot published by the Atlanta Journal Constitution shows that Gordon is black. This is the first time his race has been revealed publicly.


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Although Emory officials have known the man accused of the racial vandalism is black since early August, they have not informed the campus community of his race, which may have put a different interpretation of the incident on it.

Asked for a mugshot and information on what Gordon is accused of stealing, and what his possible motivation was for allegedly committing these acts, Emory spokesperson Gana Ahn told The College Fix on Thursday that, “Unfortunately, we are unable to share any additional details beyond...

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  1. Has there ever been one of these incidents that wasn't done by someone trying to make it look like a racist thing?

  2. Who taught him how to spell Neanderthal ?

  3. The left has to make up this sh!t up, glad to see the lie exposed again. I still laugh my ass of at Dave Chappell making fun of Juicy Smollet.


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