90 Miles From Tyranny : Wisconsin Student Accused Of Arson In Hoax Hate Crime

Monday, June 14, 2021

Wisconsin Student Accused Of Arson In Hoax Hate Crime

Viterbo University in Wisconsin has been the scene of protests for months over alleged hate crimes committed on campus. The police however has charged a student, Victoria Unanka, with what it says was a hoax hate crime involving the setting of a fire in her dormitory. What interested me about the case was the curious combination of criminal charges. She is being charged with both arson and “the negligent handling of burning materials.”

The arson occurred during protests over alleged racial incidents on campus. A student complained about racial slurs directed against her. The university cancelled classes and campus-wide demonstrations were held. One of those who reportedly spoke at the demonstrations was Unanka.

The LaCrosse Police Department report states that Unanka “admitted to intentionally setting the fire in the second level lounge for attention purposes.” According to media reports, President Glena Temple has later announced that the responsible student would be expelled.

There were also slurs written on a dorm room door and the campus installed cameras and launched a full investigation. That investigation was closed and a Viterbo spokesperson said that “the remaining person of interest is no longer a student.”

Viterbo is not the only university dealing with such a controversy. Wayne State University Police launched a major investigation after student Zoriana Martinez alleged that, on February 16 and March 1, someone threw eggs at her residence hall door. She also alleged someone tore down her LGBT Pride sticker and stole a photo of her dog. While the police later concluded that Martinez was likely responsible for the acts herself, it did not seek charges. There was a notable twist. The police report indicated that “Isis,” a Wayne State University employee was believed to have information on the case. However, she “isn’t compelled to speak with police or WSU administration despite the fact that Isis is a WSU employee and holds some obligation to report such concerns.”

Back to Viterbo. What struck me about the story was the initial charges of arson and negligent handling of of burning materials. One is an intentional act while the other is an act based on...

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  1. when racism is so systemic that you have to fake it to bring awareness to it. smh

  2. I have lived every day of my life up to now never once hearing of Viterbo University. Too bad the string has been broken.

  3. 'Didnt your mommy and daddy pay enough attention to you as a child??'
    USMC Sgt Hartman

  4. Damn, when white people won't do the crap you accuse us of... If you want it done right, ya gotta do it yourself.


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