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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Hoaxed by #FakeNoose Again

On Sunday, as “news” of a “noose” hung in NASCAR D-lister Bubba Wallace’s garage spread across social media, I tweeted a long thread recounting all of the fake noose stories I’ve curated over the years, including the phony Oakland swinging weapons of white supremacy that turned out just last week to be…exercise bands. I cautioned, “If you don’t smell bullsh*t, you’re not paying attention.”

I don’t hate to say “I told you so.” I rather enjoy saying it, actually. Here’s my new syndicated column filed as Bubba Smollett hoisted himself with his own petard.

Hoaxed by #FakeNoose again

You are being lied to, America. Again and again and again. Hysterical journalists are in on The Big Hoax. Simpering politicians in both parties are in on The Big Hoax. Celebrity opportunists are in on The Big Hoax.

Stop letting them get away with it. Stop bowing and scraping every time they attempt a new smear – or recycle an old one. Stop panicking. Stop caring so much about what names they call you, what racial privilege they accuse you of, and what societal guilt they try to impose on you.

Newsflash: This is 2020, not 1920. We live in a “diversity”-obsessed country where every major corporation from Amazon, AT&T, and Ben & Jerry’s to Lexus, Nike Pepsi, and Ticketmaster, to Wendy’s, Yelp, and Zoom to bends to Black Lives Matter. MAGA hats and “okay” hand gestures are hate symbols. Every videotaped squabble in grocery stores, parks, and streets between non-white and white people is a national human-rights catastrophe. Baseball is no longer the national pastime. Self-flagellation is.

It needs to be repeated because The Big Hoax still won’t die: Cops are...

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Peteforester said...

We were talking about this on the ham radio as it came out on "the news." Lessee; A REALLY EXPENSIVE car and REALLY EXPENSIVE tools, located in a HIGHLY REGULATED NASCAR garage, and someone is able to drop a "noose" into a driver's car... and leave no photographic or video footprint behind??? We were raising the Bravo Sierra flag VERY early on here...