90 Miles From Tyranny : This Is When The Shit Hits The Fan....

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Friday, June 26, 2020

This Is When The Shit Hits The Fan....


DOB said...

I have seen several versions of this, all of which I, at 70 can relate to. I combined several to come up with the following;
If you think things are bad now,
Just wait until the people who wanted to be left alone get involved.
For as a man reaches a certain age,
He doesn’t want any drama.
He doesn’t want to fight anyone.
But, if forced to fight, he will not fight fair.
There are no weapons he will not use and he will not quit.
So, it is best to just leave us alone,
With our coffee, our bourbon and cigars.
Don’t poke the old men, they will hurt you.

Unknown said...

I've been Blown in half with a double barrelled shotgun, Burned up in a house explosion,And survived.!!! But I won't just deny what I know is the Truth about what is happening in the world, just because someone tells me TOO. I KNOW BETTER & SO DO YOU."STOP THE B.S."