90 Miles From Tyranny : Good News, Bad News: Why Aren't Spiking Coronavirus Cases in Emerging Hotspots Crushing Hospitals?

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Friday, June 26, 2020

Good News, Bad News: Why Aren't Spiking Coronavirus Cases in Emerging Hotspots Crushing Hospitals?

As new coronavirus cases surge across a large swath of the country, with real spikes occurring in certain states, what are we to make of what's happening? It's undoubtedly true that increased testing is leading to increasing raw numbers of people testing positive, which helps explain a significant portion of this effect. But that's not the whole story, as infection rates are also up in places like Florida (though they're roughly stable nationally). Gov. Ron DeSantis has conceded this point, which was echoed by one of the state's GOP Senators, himself a former governor. That said, there are less worrisome statistics that mitigate the serious jumps in cases we're seeing. What's going on? Let's start here:
The trend looks similar in one of the largest states in the country, whose Republican governor started opening the economy back up on May 1:

The Trump administration is also highlighting the fact that daily US coronavirus deaths fell in recent days to the lowest number since the month of March. That's welcome news, no doubt, but COVID deaths lag several weeks behind infections, so the current snapshot on that metric could deteriorate shortly down the line. These data points, however, appear to be more hopeful:

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Anonymous White Male said...

Anyone that posts a "COVID-19 2nd wave, Oh My God" bullshit is not being logical. First of all, why would anyone, and I mean anyone except whores that want to ruin the economy, believe any numbers you get from public sources? Hmm? Secondly, use common sense. It looks like the survival rate for COVID-19 is approaching 99%. That means it's about as deadly as sunburns. Why would anyone not realize that you can't escape death so why shut down the country? You are not going to make life death free and never will. Shit happens. And thirdly, how many people do YOU know that have had COVID-19? Not read about in the media or seen on TV. How many do YOU know personally? Once you've answered that question, how many people do YOU know that have DIED from COVID-19? Anyone, except those that want to believe in the inherent goodness of government and the media, can see this is a cooked up crisis.

Handy Handsome said...

Two words "herd immunity".
It happens every flu season.

Stewart said...

Increased testing lowers the death rate. The most susceptible are already dead, lowering the death rate. Raising the threshold to commit to ventilator lowers the death rate.

MolonLabe2012 said...

All the MSM is only report spikes in Covid cases and trying to pitch it as if they were right in their fear mongering and using it to bash Republicans and Americans who just want their lives back. Of course they won't even consider that the relative increase in hospitalizations of the younger population, below 45, could be at least in part due to the forced quarantines possibly causing weaker immune systems in the general public.