90 Miles From Tyranny : Jesus and his European mother must go, they are a ‘form of white supremacy,’ says top BLM activist

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Jesus and his European mother must go, they are a ‘form of white supremacy,’ says top BLM activist

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King ignited a firestorm of backlash when he declared that some statues of Jesus Christ are a form of “white supremacy” and should be torn down.

Amid a frenzy to tear down historic statues and monuments that the left now finds offensive, King outrageously told his 1.1 million Twitter followers Monday that statues of the “white European they claim is Jesus” can be included, setting off a wave of anger.

The far-left activist posted a series of tweets advocating the tearing down of Christian symbols of Jesus – but only the ones depicting him as white.

“In the Bible, when the family of Jesus wanted to hide, and blend in, guess where they went? EGYPT! Not Demark. Tear them down,” he wrote, claiming those statues “always have been” supporting white supremacy.

He doubled down in another tweet, calling for the removal of even murals and stained glass windows that depict a “white Jesus, and his European mother, and...

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  1. If you watched A knights Tale the One scene between the French sitting in the pub claimed "The pope is French". Heath Ledger and his merry men came back with "Jesus was an Englishman. What did they know?

  2. Who pays this guy? Just a few decades ago, it was unimaginable that someone could make a living just mouthing off.


  3. He is. That boy ain't right.

  4. this idiot is a mentally ill white boy who wants to be black. his parents must be so proud.

  5. This counterfeit Negro needs some high velocity lead through the occipital lobes.

  6. He does NOT know his Bible or his history of the Middle east. First of all The family of Jesus was Aramaic as well as Jewish. The king of Roman Palestine (Herod the great) decreed that all male children 3 years old and younger were to be executed. By escaping across the border into Egypt (Where the king of Roman Palestine Had NO AUTHORITY) it would not matter what Jesus LOOKED LIKE he was out of the country and therefore safe from execution. What a dumbass.

  7. Hopefully his black part will kill off his white part and solve all our problems and shut his ridiculous pie-hole at the same time.


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