90 Miles From Tyranny : It's the nexus of the crisis; The origin of storms...

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

It's the nexus of the crisis; The origin of storms...


The clock strikes twelve and moondrops burst
Out at you from their hiding place
Miss Carrie nurse and Suzy dear
Would find themselves at the four winds bar

It's the nexus of the crisis
The origin of storms
Just the place to hopelessly
Encounter time and then came me


  1. Right Turn Clyde.
    Excellent choice in music. Excellent tune off an excellent album!
    Ya done good there.

  2. Perhaps the best live version- great choice.

  3. Damn, I just listened to that again.
    Do you realize how lucky we were to live in a time when they made such seriously ass kicking music and had killer lead guitar solos Like that?
    They used to say that Buck Dharma was a God for a reason.

  4. LOL...we made that left decades ago, tore up the road and burnt any bridges able to get us back. Only solution left it to keep going, as fast as you possibly can and destroy as much of the road ahead as possible, trying to break through to the other side leaving nothing left until that high speed dead collision end against a bridge pillar.
    Oh, and don't forget to tune the radio to that fat lady singing.


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