90 Miles From Tyranny : So Blogger Is Now Protecting George Soros:

Thursday, October 21, 2021

So Blogger Is Now Protecting George Soros:

Soros Funded Scout Group Accused Of Forcing Children To Play Sex Games

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  1. You write & put together one of the best blogs I've ever viewed. Over time it's moved into one of my favorite bookmarks.

  2. Went looking for the story and it wasn't easy to locate but found something here:


    Not clear that there was any direct link back to Soros other than the money trail but still pretty disgusting behavior by this "scout" group and even though this occurred in Eastern Europe serves as a reminder to be aware of who is in charge of your kids and what they are doing.

    I wonder if the father mentioned in the article will be arrested and jailed when he goes after the perverts. Are the "Prosecutors" in Eastern Europe also elected by Soros' checkbook??

  3. Pretty pathetic of bl0gger to do this since the story can easily be found on duck duck go by searching "s0r0s funded scout group"

  4. They are sneaking up on me too, Mike. I have found a way to save my pages from my blog and plan to get to work this week saving the most pertinent pieces of my "career in here". With over 7000 pieces it will take a little work! I got a note last week telling me they had complaints about a piece they put back into Draft but never said what piece. I have a ton of unpublished work in there and had no clue what they were referring to but knew ... they saw me. In the past year Blogger has taken down three good Canadian bloggers, my friend Green Crow just the other day. They all are unhappily moving to Wordpress although one simply bought her own safe (?) space. Best of luck to us both. You know how to reach me at email if anything happens to your wonderful blog.


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