90 Miles From Tyranny : Kamala Stopped FBI From Monitoring Black Supremacists Like Waukesha Killer

Friday, December 3, 2021

Kamala Stopped FBI From Monitoring Black Supremacists Like Waukesha Killer

The Waukesha killer’s allies are sitting in the White House.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center specializing in investigative reporting on the Left and Islamic terrorism.

Two years ago, Senator Kamala Harris, along with Senator Cory Booker and six other Democrat Senate members, attacked the Justice Department for monitoring black supremacists. The politicians signed a letter falsely claiming that black identity extremists was “a fabricated term based on a faulty assessment of a small number of isolated incidents”.

And they argued that monitoring black racists was racist.

When Kamala Harris was running for president, the privileged daughter of wealthy foreign students falsely claimed that she faced segregation in Berkeley, California.

“That little girl was me,” she famously declared.

In Waukesha, Jackson Sparks, an 8-year-old boy, was killed by the black supremacist terrorist whom Kamala Harris had protected.

That little boy’s blood is on her hands.

Kamala had joined a crusade by Senator Cory Booker to pressure the FBI to eliminate the black identity extremists category and stop tracking terror attacks by black supremacists.

Later that same year, two devotees of the Black Hebrew Israelite hate group, a racist and antisemitic cult, opened fire at a Kosher market in Jersey City. The black supremacist terror attack killed the store owner, an employee, and a customer.

An unexploded bomb in their van could have killed people a distance of five football fields away.

Even though the terrorist attack happened in Senator Booker’s state, he refused to acknowledge that the black supremacist hate he had protected was responsible.

Booker had previously berated FBI Director Christopher Wray for monitoring black racists.

“That language you said, both ends of the spectrum, the murders at synagogues, the murders we've seen motivated,” he ranted. “You said both ends of the spectrum, as if there actually is a movement of black identity extremism: it's almost creating this reality.”

Another Black Hebrew Israelite terrorist attacker went on to attack a Monsey synagogue during Chanukah, slashing worshipers with a machete, wounding 4 and killing one.

A 72-year-old Chassidic Jew who had been born in Hungary after the Holocaust tried to fight him off with his cane. The black supremacist killer smashed in his skull with a machete.

A Green Party candidate and "respected civil rights attorney" fought for the racist killer who got off, despite having googled "Why did Hitler hate the Jews" and "New York City Increases Police Presence in Jewish Neighborhoods After Possible Anti-Semitic Attacks. Here's What To Know."

The Black Hebrew Israelite cult’s "Why did Hitler hate the Jews" meme reappeared again in the internet history of another black supremacist killer.

Darrell Brooks, who drove his car into the Waukesha Christmas Parade, killing 6 people, including an 8-year-old boy, had previously posted a variation of the same Black Hebrew Israelite meme claiming that Hitler was killing Jews to support the black supremacists.

While Kamala and Booker intimidated the Justice Department and law enforcement officials, the media had celebrated the vile racists. The New York Times described the Black Hebrew Israelites as “sidewalk ministers” who practice “tough love” while dismissing their racist rants as “blunt and sometimes offensive language.”

Typical of this “tough love” and “blunt” language was declaring, "The Holocaust is a damn joke! Heil Hitler!" and “The messiah, who is a black man, is going to kill you”.

The media’s laborious whitewashing of the Black Hebrew Israelite hate cult began when it falsely accused Covington Catholic students in D.C. for a pro-life rally of racism when they were assailed by racial slurs from members of the BHI hate group. The Washington Post, which would end up settling a lawsuit over its false reporting, claimed that, "Israelite street preaching in parts of D.C., Philadelphia and New York is commonplace, a familiar if odd accent to city life."

According to the Bezos paper, “Heil Hitler” adds a ”familiar if odd accent to city life”.

Rep. Ilhan Omar, who could never resist antisemites and racists, falsely claimed that the slandered students were...

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