90 Miles From Tyranny : VAERS Data Indicates the Covid Vaccines Have Killed A Minimum Of 140,000 Americans...

Thursday, December 9, 2021

VAERS Data Indicates the Covid Vaccines Have Killed A Minimum Of 140,000 Americans...

To get an idea of just how dangerous the current Covid vaccines are, we only need to look at the numbers in the government authorized VAERS database.

As you may know, VAERS is an acronym for Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. This system is co-maintained by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This is how the FDA describes this facility on its website:
“VAERS is an early warning system used to monitor adverse events that happen after vaccination. VAERS is the frontline system of a comprehensive vaccine safety monitoring program in the United States… VAERS gives vaccine safety experts valuable information so they can assess possible vaccine safety concerns, including the new COVID-19 vaccines. It is especially useful for detecting unusual or unexpected patterns of health problems (also called “adverse events”) that might indicate a possible safety problem with a vaccine.”
Established in 1990, the idea behind VAERS is to capture as many adverse reactions to vaccines as possible in order to alert health experts to potential issues and problems.

The graph below traces the number of deaths that have been reported to VAERS every year since its inception. As you can see, the yearly levels have held relatively steady from 1990 until 2020 and were generally under 400 cases. The cumulative total of all reported deaths during those years comes to 5,178 (see VAERS analysis here).

This, however, changed dramatically toward the end of 2020 when the Covid vaccines were introduced. At that point we see a rapid explosion in reported deaths. So exponential was the increase that the graph line shoots up almost vertically.

See the link for the chart source here.

As of November 26, 2021, the number of deaths reported to VAERS in connection with the Covid vaccines was 19,532. It is both astonishing and revealing that in the last 11 months there were more reports of vaccine deaths related to Covid shots than to all other vaccines combined during the previous three decades.

This should raise all kinds of red flags, because it is a good indication that there may be something seriously wrong with the Covid vaccines, and that these hastily authorized pharmaceuticals are causing death on an unprecedented scale.

The 19,532 tally does not, however, give us an accurate picture of the situation. To get a sense of the true state affairs, this number needs to be adjusted for two very important factors. The first concerns the nature of VAERS data itself, while the second relates to the way in which it is collected.

Adjustment for causality

To begin with, we need to recognize that not all deaths reported to VAERS are due to the vaccines. To see why, we need understand the difference between a temporal and causal connection. Even though the bulk of reported deaths normally occur within a relatively short time of vaccination – usually from days to weeks – it does not necessarily mean that all those who have died after having taken the vaccine perished because of it. In some cases, people who appear among VAERS entries died of causes unrelated to the vaccine, and they just happened to receive their injections in temporal proximity of their passing.

In order not to overstate the case when considering VAERS data, it is, therefore, important to keep in mind that reported cases do not necessarily imply causality. The question, then, becomes in what proportion of VAERS entries a causal link can be established.

To help us make this assessment we use the findings of a peer-reviewed study which examined this issue. The title of the study is “Causality Assessment of Adverse Events Reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).” The study was published in 2012 and you can view it at this link at the National Library of Medicine.

The study found a “definite” or “probable” causal link between the vaccine and the adverse event in...

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