90 Miles From Tyranny : We Need To Get Back To That Content Of Their Character Thing...

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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

We Need To Get Back To That Content Of Their Character Thing...




Anonymous said...

Was there something in his speech about "the day when all TV commercials will only feature black folks."

Jeffery in Alabama said...

It is believed Martin had over 40 affairs during the "struggle". He allegedly had a "love child" by folk singer Joan Baez. He was with six different women the night before he was shot. I first heard of these alcohol fueled "orgies" when I was in my early 20's in the 90's. One of my employers had a brother who was a student at the University of AL and he had taken hundreds of black and white photos inside of tents along the road from Selma to Montgomery.




The employer that told his son and I about the orgies had a brother named Joe Young. He went on to become a forensic doctor for the state. His brother Jerry told us he had some sort of school assignment where he from the University of Alabama to follow along the march traveling back and forth from Selma to Montgomery (app. 50 miles). The "civil rights" marchers did the same thing (some stayed in hotels in Selma and others in hotels in Montgomery). Of course, there were those that slept in large troop tents along the way. Apparently this is where most of the debauchery took place. Jerry went on to tell us that his brother literally had hundreds of b&w photos that showed paid white women from northern states atop tables being gangbanged by multiple black men. This was 20 years before stag films and pornos became prevalent and way before they were legal in AL. Jerry was a big man farm raised and he said he'd never seen giant penises like the ones on the blacks railing these white women (not even during his time in the army as a U.S. occupational troop in Germany during the early 50's). He was a truthful honorable man who had no reason to lie about this episode in history.

I can remember as a young teenager when Ronald Reagan was asked by a reporter as to whether or not MLK was a paid commie agitator. His reply was I guess those of us who live long enough will see the evidence when it is declassified and released for the public to see in 202?????????????????? (I forget the exact date).

PS: I just saw your date of 2027.

Doom said...

He was lying then like they lie now. I can't believe you are all still dupes.